Emerging Markets Collaborate to Succeed in Post-Pandemic World

Biopharma industry collaborations are on the rise as researchers seek novel ways to combat post-pandemic diseases. Collaboration can take many forms and offer numerous benefits, including access to new technologies, expertise, and funding, as well as the ability to share risks and responsibilities. Successful collaborations can lead to the development of new treatments for patients, while simultaneously reducing costs and time for manufacturers. Understanding the exceptionally intense collaboration in developing countries and emerging markets is imperative to the rapid advancement of the biopharma industry in these geographies. Two podcasts in our series have touched on this topic – one covers collaboration in the Gulf region and the other talks about collaborative efforts in Brazil to bring novel therapies to patients.  How can policymakers around the world learn from these regions? Our panelists for this podcast will discus this question and much more in greater detail. Take a listen!



Jeffrey Kempreco


Jeffrey Kemprecos
Former Head of Gov’t Affairs & Public Policy Gulf Region


Peter Pitts

Peter Pitts
President, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest, Visiting Professor, University of Paris School of Medicine, former USFDA Associate Commissioner


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Jorge Estrada Trujillo
Head of Customer Applications LATAM


Anissa Boumlic,


Anissa Boumlic, PhD
Director Bioprocessing Strategy Operationalization