Find the Right Fit when Tackling Late Stage Bioprocessing Challenges

Filtration, filtration, filtration! It’s one of the critical factors to instituting a successful biomanufacturing process and often the element that gives scientists and engineers the most difficulty. Late-stage bioprocesses often require large volume manufacturing to meet supply requirements, and these increased volumes create challenging filtration operations—disrupting facility fit. Because so much is at stake for companies to generate bioproducts in short timeframes, when faced with these types of bioproduction challenges, organizations will waste valuable time and resources on developing creative solutions, in addition to making undesirable capital purchases.

In this GENcast, we explore different troubleshooting techniques that the M Lab™ Collaboration Center experts employed, together with Biogen, to solve their facility fit challenges.


Thomas Parker
Process Development Scientist

Mitch Goetz
Senior Engineer II, Process Tech Transfer