February 15, 2014 (Vol. 34, No. 4)


Strong Points: Tutorials for many basic online bioinformatics tools
Weak Points: Many broken links


I don’t know if the stark University of Colorado Bioinformatics Homepage website will necessarily succeed in its goal of showing people “why they should be interested” in bioinformatics, but the site does include some useful information for people who already are interested in the subject (but perhaps are not yet experts in the field). A strength of the site is its collection of tutorials for basic bioinformatics tools; for instance, site visitors are taught how to search on PubMed or OMIM, how to perform sequence alignments using a BLAST tool hosted by Washington University, and how to perform multiple sequence alignments using ClustalW. In addition, the website contains a number of useful links to bioinformatics-related resources. The site would be improved if some of the broken links were removed (there are many…). In any case, as long as a couple of “page not found” errors don’t scare you away, there is good information to be found on this site.

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