April 15, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 8)


Strong Points: Biomes and biodiversity pages, great videos
Weak Points: Many nonfunctional links/pages


The mission of the nonprofit organization The Wild Classroom is simple: promote an interest in biology, conservation, and ecology and provide high-quality video resources for teachers. The organization’s great website contains a great deal of information—much more than it seems when you first visit the site. From the homepage, one can watch some of the popular Ecogeeks podcasts, and in the side navigation bar, one can access useful links and information about the organization. However, it is the navigation bar at the top of the site that will take you to most of the content on the site, including a page about the biomes of the world and multiple pages devoted to biodiversity. Unfortunately, despite the wealth of information on the site, it appears to be incomplete, as many tabs or pages are not yet finished or functional. Let’s hope that the group is still actively working on this endeavor, as it holds a lot of potential!

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