Rating: Excellent

Strong Points: Library of videos and simulations is extensive and high-quality; resources are free to use.

LabXchange, created by Harvard University and the Amgen Foundation, brings the science lab right to your web browser. The website contains a large library of videos, teaching guides, question sets, and simulations. The videos are excellent overviews of a wide range of scientific topics, ranging from introductions to concepts like DNA replication to detailed instructional outlines of how to make serial dilutions. The simulations included in the library are particularly excellent. They provide users with animated, interactive examples of how to do common lab techniques, making them a useful tool for students learning about techniques in the classroom or for investigators trying to implement new techniques in the lab. The resources on LabXchange are free to use, making it an accessible site for everyone. LabXchange is an excellent resource for students, educators, and scientists looking for interactive exposure to new concepts and methods.

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