August 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 14)


Strong Points: Reagents directory (specifically the antibody reviews
Weak Points: Minimalist site design, not much information displayed


There are so many “-omes” in biology today, why not add another one, right? Labome (subtitled on the website as “the world of laboratories”) is a general laboratory reference website composed of two major aspects: a reagent directory and an online review journal, Materials and Methods. The reagents directory—which can either be searched by keyword or browsed by pathway, cell type, disease, species, or other descriptors—contains various types of reagents such as antibodies, ELISA, and assay kits, biochemistry reagents, and reagents for immunology and microbiology research. A really nice aspect of the reagent directory is the collection of antibody reviews, which are comprehensive reviews based on randomly selected publications. Anybody who has attempted to sift through the literature for antibody references will appreciate this resource, wherein information is compiled for you and presented on a single page.

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