Skeletal Anatomy 3D—Quiz and Reference

Skeletal Anatomy 3D screenshotRating: Very Good

Strong Points: Easy to use, several different ways to interact with the app

Weak Points: None

Platform: iPad/iPhone/Android

Cost: $2.99

Skeletal 3D provides an in-depth look at the hundreds of bones that make up the human skeletal system. The app is divided into several sections, making it easy for users to get the most out of the interface. Users can browse through the whole skeletal system in 3D in the viewer section, which allows them to zoom in and learn more about specific bones. The app also provides annotated images of specific components, such as the hands and feet, that make it easier to see the myriad of tiny bones that make up these components of the skeleton. In addition to the diagrams, there are videos available for users to watch, and an interactive quiz so that users can test their knowledge. Skeletal 3D is a great app for learning more about the skeletal system and would make an excellent study tool for students.