Rating: Good

Strong Points: Very detailed and informative animations
Weak Points: Most animations have to be purchased

Platform: iPad/iPhone, Android

Cost: Free (with in-app purchases)

Physiology Animations, from Visible Body Labs, provides an in-depth, animated look at the functions of the human body. Users can choose to browse through the physiology of body systems in both their typical and pathological states. Each category comes with a wide range of animations. For example, users browsing through bones and skeletal muscles can view animations of joint functions, paired muscle actions, or reflexes. Each animation is extremely detailed and provides additional information about the process being shown in the short video. Unfortunately only a few videos are included with the free app, but users can choose to purchase bundles of the videos that they are most interested in. Even though the app comes with a limited number of free videos, the intricate animations still make Physiology Animations worth checking out.

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