January 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 1)


Strong Points: Great design and user interface
Weak Points: None

iPhone/iPad/Android (2017 version available)



Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 is an excellent app that brings human anatomy to life. The app has beautifully rendered 3D images of the major anatomical systems that can be explored and dissected from the interface. However, the really interesting part of the app comes with the Augmented Reality feature. By allowing the app to use your phone’s camera, it finds a surface in your environment and places the anatomical model there, giving the impression that it is right in the room with you. This feature also allows the user to “dissect” the anatomical model, making this an incredibly useful accompaniment for anyone studying human anatomy. Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 is an incredibly designed and executed app that is not only informative but fascinating and fun to use, without the formaldehyde smell that typically permeates such an in-depth look at human anatomy.

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