Histology Complete–SecondLook

Rating: Good.

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Android

Cost: Free

Strong Points: Variety of topics that cover numerous anatomical systems.

Weak Points: App interface is fairly basic, with users mainly clicking through a slide deck.

The Histology Complete–SecondLook app, from the University of Michigan, is a useful tool for students and medical professionals looking to test their histology identification skills. The app is designed as a slide deck, with each slide containing images of various histology samples through which users can browse. Each sample image includes marked points on which users can quiz themselves. The app provides answers to each question as users make their way through each section. The app includes a lengthy list of review topics that cover a wide variety of structures, ranging from the smallest parts of the cell to organs, to full anatomical systems. Although the interface is fairly basic, the breadth of topics covered, and the quality histology images make the Histology Complete–Second Look app a useful additional tool for students reviewing all levels of human anatomy.

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