It’s safe to say that many in the scientific community think of B cells as just the antibody-producing cells of the adaptive immune response. However, through some excellent scientific discovery over the years, many of us have come to appreciate the diverse nature of B cell population subsets. For instance, regulatory B cells or Bregs modulate the immune system through the production of various cytokines. They are of interest to researchers and biopharmaceutical companies for their role in inflammation, autoimmune disease, and even cancer. With current cutting-edge genome editing techniques like CRISPR, there now exists the real potential to create effective immunotherapeutics using Bregs. These chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) B cells may hold the key to treating diseases like multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, or B cell malignancies.

In this GENcast, our guest will tell us about some of the latest science with Bregs and their role in immunosuppression. Moreover, our guest will describe the future of B cell therapies like CAR B and how they are being used to combat various human diseases. Take a listen!

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Claudia Mauria, PhD
Professor of Immunology
School of Life and Medical Sciences,
University College London

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