November 1, 2015 (Vol. 35, No. 19)


Strong Points: Great animations, good interactive exercises
Weak Points: Some typos


$1.99 (lite preview for free)


Students wishing to review the topics of DNA replication, transcription, and translation will find the FCS Biology Molecular Genetics app to be an excellent study tool. For each of the three topics, content is divided into three sections: learn, interact, and test. The learn section presents information via animations and text, the interact section engages app users with the material by having them do things like drag enzymes to the correct position and break chemical bonds, and the test section quizzes students on the content they just covered through interactive questions that have students drag items to the correct position, or identify specific components of a molecule. The graphics are very well done and the animations and interactive portions load quickly. There are a few unfortunate typos (ahem, “complimentary” versus “complementary”), but the information is factually correct.

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