July 1, 2016 (Vol. 36, No. 13)


Strong Points: Various signaling pathway maps organized in one plac
Weak Points: Requires Internet, majority of content is online




The BioLegend Cytokines & Chemokines app gathers useful information about mouse and human cytokines and chemokines in one place, though the information is largely drawn from the BioLegends website. As such, app users must have an active Internet connection or data plan for the app to function. That annoyance aside, the app does provide a convenient user interface to browse information about specific molecules and display various signaling pathway maps made by BioLegends. Unfortunately, BioLegends missed a great opportunity to make the pathway maps interactive, so for now they are just static images. Users can choose to view the pathway maps on the BioLegend website instead of within the app, and they can also quickly email the direct links for specific pathway maps from within the app.

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