The New York Mount Sinai Health System opened a new Discovery and Innovation Center on the West Side of Manhattan. The research lab will expand research capabilities in collaboration with clinical neuroscience and neurosurgery centers of excellence at Mount Sinai West.

The new Center, located at 787 11th Avenue, will include a Stem Cell Engineering Core, the Center for Advanced Genomics Technology, Assay Development and Screening, the Center for Therapeutic Antibody Development, the Proteomics and Metabolomics Core, the Microscopy and Advanced Bioimaging Core, and a Flow Cytometry Core.

Adjacent to the Human Immune Monitoring Core, the Center for Engineering and Precision Medicine and the New York Stem Cell Foundation, this “super block” for science and innovative collaboration is positioned to achieve major advancements regionally and nationally, according to Dennis S. Charney, MD, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and president for academic affairs, Mount Sinai Health System.

Innovative environment

“The new center will be a rich environment for innovation, bringing together leading experts in the fields of genomics and stem cell science, neuroscience, and immunology, all in one location,” said Charney. “The investments and bold steps made today will accelerate scientific, translational, and clinical breakthroughs to uncover new frontiers in science, such as the  Mount Sinai Million Health Discoveries Program, where patients’ DNA is being analyzed to develop better therapeutics. But it will also foster unprecedented collaboration among world-class researchers at Icahn Mount Sinai and their clinical counterparts at Mount Sinai West.”

The Mount Sinai Discovery and Innovation Center will include two floors of research space on top of the current Spine Center and Breast Ambulatory Center, and will expand research on gene and stem cell editing efforts, proteomics, clinical neuroscience, genomics, and dermatology, among other efforts.

“Mount Sinai West, which is situated close to the new Discovery and Innovation Center, has one of the best clinical neuroscience centers in the world. This will assist in enhancing synergies around clinical neuroscience. Another area for synergy is dermatology, since we are also building a clinical dermatology center at Mount Sinai West that will engage with human immune monitoring efforts,” added Eric Nestler, MD, PhD, CSO of the Mount Sinai Health System, director of the Friedman Brain Institute, and dean for academic affairs at Icahn Mount Sinai.

“We anticipate the center to bring in large and diverse sets of data, providing researchers with a wide depth of information to deliver better care for patients.”

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