Sorcerer’s features include back-up of data sets generated by third-party applications such as the Progenesis LC/MS system.

Sage-N Research signed an agreement to co-market Nonlinear Dynamics’ Progenesis LC/MS label-free quantification software alongside its Sorcerer proteomics platform. Sage-N‘s Sorcerer uses the Sequest 3G algorithm to enable identification and characterization of low-abundance phospho-proteins and post-translational modifications (PTMs).

Sorcerer also features high-level server-based solutions for storage and back-up of the complex data-sets generated by third-party applications such as the Progenesis LC/MS software as well as  rapid processing of those data-sets, according to Sage-N.

The Progenesis LC/MS software quantifies peptides and proteins independently of identification. It can be used for both differential protein-expression and protein-characterisation applications. The software is designed to integrate with a wide range of instrumentation, Nonlinear Dynamics reports.

Users of Sorcerer include The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. In November Sage-N said the institute had implemented the Sorcerer Enterprise platform, which has integrated back-up and storage as well as real-time data replication, for its large-scale data analyses.

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