CombiMatrix, a molecular diagnostics company performing DNA-based testing services for cancer and developmental disorders, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the full-service, Torrance, California-based independent women’s health laboratory Pathology, Inc., whereby Pathology will market and distribute CombiMatrix chromosomal microarray tests for the products of conception (POC) testing market in designated geographic areas. The POC testing market is a subset of the overall prenatal testing market.

The two-year agreement gives Pathology the exclusive right to market or distribute the microarray tests on behalf of CombiMatrix in the states of California and Nevada and the St. Louis and Chicago metropolitan areas.

POC testing allows OB/GYN physicians and other women’s health clinicians to better determine if there is a genetic cause behind a miscarriage or multiple events. As in other areas of prenatal genetic analysis, microarray testing is believed by many to be the coming standard of care as it identifies a greater number of possible genetic abnormalities more accurately than traditional methods.

“This agreement allows us to better serve the POC market, a very important area of specialty for our physician customers and their patients,” said Vicki DiFrancesco, president and CEO of Pathology.

“Our commercial team, along with operational and analytical support of CombiMatrix, will result in broadening the use and acceptance of chromosomal microarray testing as a better solution. We believe this partnership will prove to be a beneficial expansion of services and customer access for both of our companies.”

CombiMatrix president and CEO R. Judd Jessup noted that the agreement with Pathology enables CombiMatrix to broaden its geographic reach and expand its access to the women’s health market.

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