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A flurry of recent announcements from major biotechs and ambitious startups suggests that the NGS market is really heating up. In this episode of GEN live, we’ll dig into what impact emerging platforms and technologies could have on companies that have dominated this space for the past decade or more. Do impending patent expirations leave room for newcomers like Singular Genomics, Element, or Omniome? What will it take for them and others to compete? Is long-read sequencing poised to overtake the utility of short reads? And NGS has opened the worlds of single-cell and spatial transcriptomics, both of which have become competitive markets in their own space.

In this episode of GEN Live, we’ll be joined by two genomic sequencing experts. Shawn Baker, PhD, is a genomics startup advisor and consultant. He was one of the first people to join Illumina and has been involved in the genomics space since—for the past 20 years. Simon Barnett has been an analyst at ARK Invest since October 2018, with a focus on next generation DNA sequencing, molecular diagnostics, bioinformatics, and synthetic biology.


Kevin Davies, PhD
Julianna LeMieux, PhD

Shawn Baker, PhD
Shawn Baker, PhD
Genomics Startup Advisor & Consultant
Simon Barnett
Simon Barnett
Genomics Analyst
ARK Investment Management