Clients using the Ion Personal Genome Machine will benefit from this deal.

Ion Torrent, a unit of Life Technologies, agreed to offer DNAStar’s sequence assembly and analysis software products to its customers for the Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM). The firms say that the arrangement will allow customers to go from DNA to completed data assembly and analysis more seamlessly.

The PGM sequencer can reportedly do runs in about two hours and offers semiconductor scalability. Ion Torrent says that its technology uses a massively parallel array of proprietary semiconductor sensors to perform direct, real-time measurement of the hydrogen ions produced during DNA replication.

A high-density array of wells on the Ion semiconductor chips provide millions of individual reactors, while integrated fluidics allow reagents to flow over the sensor array. This combination of fluidics, micromachining, and semiconductor technology enable the direct translation of DNA to DNA sequence, rapidly generating large quantities of high-quality data, according to Ion Torrent.

“The market segments that Ion Torrent is targeting align nicely with DNAStar’s core business, strengths, and product offering,” says Tom Schwei, vp and GM of DNAStar. “We share a common vision of bringing next-generation sequencing solutions to every life science lab globally in an affordable and easy to use manner.”

Mike Lelivelt, Ph.D., director of bioinformatics and software products for Ion Torrent, adds, “Our guiding principles at Ion Torrent are speed, simplicity, and scalability, and we look for partners who share that vision and can deliver it to customers.”

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