Kit will aid investigation of developmental delay and mental retardation.

Canterbury Health Laboratories has implemented the NimbleGen CGX Cytogenetics Microarray Solution. The kit includes arrays, reagents, instruments, and software, all of which will be used at Canterbury’s facility in Christchurch, New Zealand. The laboratory will be initially implement the NimbleGen CGX-12 arrays for their research on developmental delay and mental retardation.

Roche NimbleGen offers ultrahigh-resolution Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)/copy number variation (CNV) arrays with up to 2.1 million probes for comprehensive analysis of DNA CNV. In addition, multiplex arrays are available for higher-throughput and cost-effective analysis of either 3 or 12 samples on a single slide. These arrays provide targeted cytogenetic content based on the analysis of over 40,000 research samples and include several multiplex formats that enable accurate, high-resolution analysis of up to 12 samples in parallel, the company notes.

“At Canterbury Health Laboratories, our mission is to remain as the leading organization for genetic research in New Zealand,” says Peter George, clinical director of Canterbury Health Laboratories. “The CGX Cytogenetics Solution from Roche NimbleGen gives us this advanced solution to remain at the forefront with proven cytogenetic content and a tried and tested workflow solution that includes a powerful database of over 10,000 identified genetic alterations that allows us to quickly and easily make sense of our data.”

Canterbury Health Laboratories is reportedly the largest medical laboratory in the South Island, operating from facilities opposite Christchurch Hospital. The laboratories perform all testing under the care of the Canterbury District Health Board. While community laboratories are only contracted to perform about 170 different procedures, Canterbury Health Laboratories says that its contract encompasses 1,500 different tests. It adds that annual testing exceeds 3.5 million analyses.

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