The Future of Synthetic Biology: A Discussion with Eben Bayer, Deepak Dugar, and Emily Leproust

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The field of synthetic biology has seen impressive growth, both in scientific innovation and in financing, over the past few years. At the heart of the field is a mission to use biology to build a better, more sustainable way of living, and different synthetic biology companies are contributing to this overarching goal in diverse ways.

Eben Bayer, CEO and cofounder of Ecovative Design, Deepak Dugar, PhD, CEO and founder of Visolis, and Emily Leproust, PhD, CEO and cofounder of Twist Bioscience each represent a unique area of synthetic biology.

In this discussion with GEN’s Julianna LeMieux, PhD, Bayer, Dugar, and Leproust explain how their synthetic biology companies are working to bring new solutions to the market—from leather, packaging, and food alternatives to improved processes and tools, such as carbon-negative chemical catalysis and synthetic DNA. They also define “synthetic biology” in their own terms and discuss the challenges and successes in the field, the impact of the current market downturn, and the opportunities that synthetic biology offers for future innovation.