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October 2023 GenScript ProBio eBook coverr imageThe COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of some important new technologies, which have had a lasting impact on the global healthcare industry in recent years. At the same time, cell and gene therapies (CGT ) technologies have brought hope to countless patients with rare diseases and cancers. However, large scale production of these new therapeutics remains a key challenge for the entire industry.

This eBook aims to reveal the latest medical industry trends, challenges faced by the cell and gene therapy industry and most innovative solutions. In addition, Dr. Patrick Liu, Chairman and Acting CEO of GenScript ProBio, takes a look at the global biopharmaceutical development wave over the past 30 years and discusses his expectation of Chinese biopharmaceutical innovation, as well as shares his insights on the process challenges faced by the CGT industry.

At the end of this eBook, the challenges and solutions of cell and gene therapy in the applications of plasmids and viral vectors are shared from the technical aspect, and related cases and data are also shared.


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