Cytiva and LevitasBio signed an agreement to jointly work on delivering an advanced single-cell workflow for genomics researchers in academia and industry.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in improving how samples are prepared, according to Stephen Bell, president, discovery & medical, Cytiva, enabling researchers to more quickly perform tasks like breaking down tissues and purifying individual cell suspensions for single-cell analysis and other downstream applications. This is particularly important for advancing personalized medicine by providing insights into disease mechanisms and therapeutic targets, supporting oncology research, and accelerating scientific discovery, adds Bell.

“By combining the strengths of our products with LevitasBio, we aim to empower researchers with a more efficient and gentle approach to sample preparation,” he says.

Pivotal role for single-cell analysis

Single-cell analysis plays a pivotal role in advancing therapeutic approaches, points out Martin Pieprzyk, CEO, LevitasBio, particularly in cancer research.

“Cytiva’s and LevitasBio’s expertise and technologies will be used to create a streamlined, semi-automated workflow solution. This will reduce single-cell damage or stress and improve overall single-cell health—all critical elements for producing viable samples for use in subsequent stages of genetic studies or other downstream cell-based assays,” explains Pieprzyk.

“The VIA Extractor [Cytiva] and LeviCell [LevitasBio] platform offers a more complete approach to tissue dissociation and single-cell suspension cleanup, which better enables researchers to develop innovative solutions in the personalized medicine space.”

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