Module integrates CLC bio’s bioinformatics technology and automates downstream analysis.

CLC bio is reporting the completion and final implementation of a specialized antibody engineering and selection module for Crucell that integrates with CLC bio’s bioinformatics platform. It is designed to optimize the end-to-end workflow and analysis pipeline when working with a large number of antibodies during the process of developing new therapies for various diseases.

“When investigating the diversity and complexity of antibody repertories, speed and quality are essential,” says innovation and discovery scientist at Crucell David Zuijdgeest. “The faster we can go through our bioinformatics workflow and identify antibodies of interest, the earlier we can move to the next phases in our research and development, which is of course extremely important for us.

“CLC bio has fully integrated the workflow by automating all the steps in the downstream bioinformatics analysis process. Not only has this accelerated the research process tremendously by eliminating tedious and complicated manual procedures, but it also provides a high-quality and robust workflow.”

Jannick D. Bendtsen, director of consulting services at CLC bio, adds, “This intricate solution that we have customized for Crucell stresses the flexibility and stability of our bioinformatics platform.”

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