Avantor and Labguru recently reached a deal to integrate Avantor’s Inventory Manager (IM) and e-commerce channel into Labguru’s Lab Information Management Software (LIMS) and Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). According to Avantor’s Tola Olorunnisola, senior VP of clinical services and strategy, the partnership serves as a single platform solution that streamlines digital services in the lab.

“Researchers and scientists will now have access to a wide range of high-quality products through a single platform and the ability to purchase the products they need directly from the bench,” she told GEN. “The integration of Avantor’s IM [into Labguru’s ELN] means that users will now have access to millions of products through a more efficient purchasing platform.

“We are absolutely thrilled for how this partnership will change the purchasing experience for scientists by not only delivering the products they need, but transforming the way their time is spent, yielding more time to focus on their invaluable work and scientific breakthroughs.”

Cloud-based software

Avantor’s IM is a proprietary, cloud-based software designed to serve as the central transactional and intelligence hub for lab inventory management, noted Olorunnisola.

“It is easy-to-use, customizable and offers two levels of support: IM Standard and IM Enterprise,” she explained. “Through real-time insight, faster inventory management, and reporting anytime, anywhere, Avantor’s IM helps to scale lab operations quickly. Our customizable dashboards enable complete visibility into what labs need through streamlining insights, while offering on-demand replenishment and flexibility to purchase through any supplier of choice.”

Labguru’s ELN stood out as the technology to be coupled to IM due to a highly customizable platform, intuitive user experience, and cutting-edge software solutions, continued Olorunnisola.

“Having the shared value to deliver innovative and results-driven solutions to our customers is a requirement in all areas of our business, and we are confident that Labguru’s best-in-class offerings are aligned with Avantor’s, making them the perfect fit for this integration and a first-of-its-kind collaboration for Avantor,” she said.

In describing his view of the partnership, Labguru CEO Ariel Yarnitsky stated that “Eliminating friction for scientists by providing efficiencies and data-based insights are two key ways to accelerate science.”

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