China-based Sino Biological, a biotech company specializing in research reagents and contract research services concluded its acquisition of Vancouver-based SignalChem Biotech (SCB) in a deal valued at $48M. SCB focuses on bioactive enzymes, including kinases, proteases, phosphatases, ubiquitin, and epigenetic enzymes.

Over the past two decades, SCB has established proprietary production and quality control platforms, setting industry standards for the development and production of high-quality bioactive enzyme proteins to support scientists from basic research through drug discovery and development, according to Jie Zhang, president and general manager of Sino Biological, who adds that now operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sino Biological, SCB will bring exclusive expertise in enzyme production to the company’s existing technology platforms.

“SignalChem is at the scientific forefront of enzyme bioreagent development and production, as well as enzyme-based compound screening technologies. The acquisition of SCB further strengthens Sino Biological’s robust presence in bioactive recombinant proteins and related contract research services,” noted Zhang.

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