CDMO Scorpius Holdings announced a significant expansion of its operational footprint in San Antonio, TX, with the opening of its new storage and testing facility. The expansion increases Scorpius’ warehouse facilities more than sevenfold, from ~3,000 square feet to ~22,000 square feet. The upgrade is in response to the growing demand for Scorpius’ biomanufacturing services and the need to accommodate its expanding client base, according to Jeff Wolf, CEO.

The new facility will feature specialized storage areas with temperatures maintained between -20°C and -80°C for raw materials, alongside spaces designated for contained sampling and quality control testing. Additionally, it will accommodate bulk drug substance storage, ensuring clients’ products are stored under optimal conditions throughout the development and production cycles.

The facility will include a stability program “which will bolster Scorpius’ service offerings by providing in-house stability storage capabilities to foster a smooth transition into onsite testing,” notes Wolf, adding that not only does this add a new dimension to the company’s capabilities, but it also introduces an additional revenue stream.

“These new capabilities enable us to offer our clients continuity through their supply chain and meet their needs from process development through drug substance release,” says Wolf. “This strategic expansion reflects our commitment to excellence and our dedication to supporting our clients’ overall needs.”

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