Darmstadt, Germany-based Merck broke ground on a new production facility for its Allergopharma unit in Reinbek near Hamburg. The company says it will use the new facility to expand production to serve new markets such as China.

Merck’s pharmaceutical manufacturing team will make products for the diagnosis and treatment of type 1 allergies, such as hay fever or allergic asthma, in the building, which will be built on the current Allergopharma premises. The company expects to finish construction by 2016.

“We want to fully exploit the potential of our business, whether in emerging markets or in rapidly growing and highly promising areas such as the global allergy market,” explained Stefan Oschmann, Merck’s executive board member with responsibility for pharmaceuticals, including the Allergopharma unit.

The new 6,000 m2 building will feature cleanrooms for production and offer space for further laboratory use as well as a visitors’ foyer. Initially, around 40 people will work there.

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