Firm is developing VLP-based vaccines.

Vivalis has granted Novavax the right to use its EB66® cell line for the production of VLP-based vaccines against several new potential viruses. The EB66 cell line is derived from duck embryonic stem cells.

It displays long-term genetic stability and immortality and can grow in suspension up to high-cell densities in serum-free medium, according to Vivalis. Additionally, the cell line can be scaled up for growth in large bioreactors for industrial productions.

“Following the demonstration that the EB66 cell line is a promising substrate not only for the production of numerous viral vaccines such as flu or MVA-based vaccines but also for the production of enhanced ADCC monoclonal antibody, we are delighted to start this program with Novavax to evaluate the use of our proprietary cell line in production of a new class of promising vaccine products, virus-like particle based vaccines,” comments Franck Grimaud, Vivalis  CEO.


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