Company now has nine such facilities in major global regions.

EMD Millipore opened a new biomanufacturing sciences training center (BSTC) facility in Tokyo. The facility is designed to help biopharmaceutical companies develop manufacturing processes and find solutions to processing challenges in collaboration with engineers from EMD Millipore.

“We recognize that our customers in Japan face tremendous pressure to reduce development costs and identify production efficiencies. The new BSTC is designed to recreate an actual manufacturing environment allowing customers to operate equipment, evaluate processes, and conduct training,” explained Udit Batra, Ph.D., president and CEO of EMD Millipore.

Through the simulation of manufacturing process with leading-edge products, BSTCs allow customers to test equipment and devices, evaluate manufacturing processes, and conduct operator training, he added. Such training helps biopharmaceutical companies expedite system implementation and enhances the efficiency of manufacturing process development, while also providing quality assurance validations compliant with GMP standards and various regulations, thus lowering the risk when introducing new systems, noted Dr. Batra.

EMD Millipore also announced that it will relocate an existing BSTC in Yokohama into a larger facility. In addition to Japan, the company has biomanufacturing training centers in the U.S., Germany, France, Singapore, China, South Korea, India, and Brazil.

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