Scientific software specialist Dotmatics acquired M-Star, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software company headquartered outside of Baltimore. The deal, which marks the thirteenth acquisition by Dotmatics, provides additional opportunities for innovation in the bioprocessing market, including the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies in life sciences R&D, according to Thomas Swalla, CEO of Dotmatics.

“M-Star is known for its differentiated CFD analysis product, featuring accelerated analysis capabilities, superior user experiences, and rapid time-to-value compared to other market solutions,” said Swalla. “Customers love that the software streamlines the process of managing complex fluid dynamics simulations by helping to get the ‘recipe’ right in a simulated environment before the physical environment, saving them significant time and budget.”

M-Star’s focus on graphics processing unit (GPU) acceleration allows for faster simulation times, which is critical for modeling processes that span from seconds to hours of runtime, continued Swalla, adding that this results in completed simulations in a fraction of the time compared to traditional modeling approaches. M-Star also is equipped with integrated post-processing tools that allow for real-time data analysis and photorealistic rendering, facilitating a deeper understanding of simulation results, explained Swalla, who noted that the company, which was founded by its president, John Thomas, PhD, will remain a standalone business within Dotmatics.

“Joining the Dotmatics family provides us with new opportunities to grow and scale,” said Thomas. “We’ll have access to new financial and business development resources as well as a strategic partner with insights and ideas that will benefit M-Star and our customers.”

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