Cytiva introduced a new technology called Protein Select that the company says is designed to streamline and accelerate recombinant protein purification. The self-cleaving traceless tag and complementary affinity chromatography resin standardizes purification for any protein, rendering it unnecessary to use specific affinity binding partners for each protein, according to Amanda Halford, president, bioprocess.

“We’ve worked closely with customers to understand their challenges,” she says. “We’re offering an innovative solution that simplifies a complex issue, benefiting the entire protein research, drug development, and manufacturing pipeline.”

Integral to bioprocessing

Protein purification is integral to basic research, drug discovery, process development, and bioprocessing. However, continues Halford, the diverse family of recombinant proteins—of which there are 1800 in the global pipeline this year alone—often lacks affinity binding partners to facilitate purification.

chromatography resin
Protein Select™ resin is an affinity chromatography resin for purifying recombinant proteins using the self-cleaving Protein Select tag. [Cytiva]
A common strategy to facilitate the purification has been to add a tag to the protein; however, it cannot be removed cleanly for biotherapeutic applications. Protein Select technology allows scientists to confidently purify proteins using a simple protocol and receive highly pure, native proteins free of tag amino acids, explains Halford.

Process developers using this technology will experience easier, faster, and more efficient process development, maintains Halford, adding that the developed processes will become quicker and more cost-effective, requiring fewer chromatography steps.

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