License covers cGMP manufacture of low-DMSO variant of BioLife’s CryoStor product.

BioLife Solutions signed a license and custom cGMP manufaturing agreement with Centocor R&D. The company will produce a variant of its serum-free and protein-free CryoStor biopreservation media product, which is formulated with a reduced concentration of 2% DMSO.

BioLife specializes in the development of patented hypothermic storage/transport and cryopreservation media products for cells, tissues, and organs. The company claims its GMP products are serum/protein-free and preformulated to reduce delayed-onset cell damage and death.

In November BioLife was granted a Japanese patent covering claims related to protecting cells from injury and death caused by cold temperatures used in biopreservation. BioLife was previously granted equivalent U.S. and European patent protection for the IP. In September Sigma Aldrich negotiated a nonexclusive distribution agreement for BioLife’s HypoThermosol and CryoStor products.

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