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NGS library preparation can be a long, multi-step process but is essential for proper sample management and reproducible results. Automating this process reduces costs, frees up researchers’ valuable time, and streamlines laboratory workflows. One area where this automation step has become extremely advantageous is vaccine development. The emergence of novel infectious diseases and outbreaks of well-known communicable agents has underscored the increased demand for vaccine candidates for humans and livestock. Products that can make NGS preparation and analysis more straightforward and effective are a welcome addition to any laboratory.

In this GEN webinar, our distinguished presenter, Dr. Graham Freimanis, will compare data from sequencing-ready libraries generated using both manual workflows and the new Tecan MagicPrep™ NGS automated library preparation system. Samples were extracted from several species of economically important livestock inoculated with different vaccine candidates and were processed in parallel using various prep kits. Dr. Freimanis will discuss the differences between each of the kits and the quality of the sequencing data. This webinar will provide insights into the benefits of automated library preparation, its impact on the resulting sequence datasets, and how it can be integrated into existing workflows.


A live Q&A followed the presentation, offering a chance to pose questions to our expert panelist.

Graham Freimanis
Graham Freimanis, PhD
Research Scientist
Bioinformatics, Sequencing & Proteomics Group
The Pirbright Institute

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