October 1, 2012 (Vol. 32, No. 17)

A Leading Provider of High-Quality Laboratory Tools for Liquid Handling and Media Preparation

Integra is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling and media preparation. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that fulfill the needs of our customers in research, diagnostics, and quality control within the life science markets and medical industry. Headquartered in Zizers, Switzerland, and Hudson, NH, USA, Integra maintains a direct sales organization in the United States and a worldwide network of over 90 distribution partners.

With many years of experience and expertise in laboratory equipment sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing, Integra strives to maintain close cooperation with customers worldwide to provide cutting-edge solutions to help organizations solve their analytical challenges.

Based upon their high quality and top performance, Integra products have achieved an outstanding reputation worldwide. These include well-known benchmark products, such as the VACUSAFE vacuum aspiration system, DOSE IT programmable peristaltic pump, MEDIACLAVE and MEDIAJET media-preparation equipment as well as the FIREBOY and FLAMEBOY safety Bunsen burners. In 2009 the product range was extended through the addition of the VIAFLO line of innovative liquid-handling instruments and disposable plasticware. Integra’s range of liquid handling tools today includes a complete range of handheld pipetting systems offering accurate liquid handling from 0.5µL to 100mL.

Proven in over 200,000 installations worldwide the PIPETBOY pipettor range sets a high benchmark for ease-of-use, reliability, build quality, performance, and operational safety. Each PIPETBOY pipettor can be used with plastic or glass pipettes with volumes of 1–100 mL. Precise and reliable pipetting is simply achieved by applying varying finger pressure to the operating buttons and by adjusting the pump speed. The PIPETBOY is powered by a high-performance NiMH battery that alerts you when it needs recharging. To avoid internal contamination a hydrophobic filter blocks accidentally aspirated liquids before entering the pipettor. The PIPETBOY comes in several different colors that you can assign to a particular application, user, etc. thereby avoiding mix-ups.

Perfectly complimenting these products, Integra is also able to offer the complete range of VIAFLO handheld electronic pipettors. The VOYAGER range of handheld 8- and 12-channel electronic pipettors have been designed to increase the productivity of liquid sample transfers for a fraction of the cost of a common liquid-handling system. Based upon a proprietary, motorized, adjustable spacing design—VOYAGER pipettors eliminate cross contamination and ensure consistent, accurate, and extraordinarily fast delivery of liquids to target vessels with a different spacing than the row of starting vessels. Offering accurate high productivity parallel pipetting from 0.5µL to 1250µL, VOYAGER pipettors are the perfect liquid-handling tool for applications including sample reformatting, PCR reaction set-up, ELISA sample transfers and Taqman assay set-up.

Within recent years, Integra has introduced many new innovative products including the VIAFLO 96, the VIAFILL, and the VACUSIP.

The VIAFLO 96 is an exciting, new 96-channel handheld electronic pipette that enables fast, precise, and easy simultaneous transfer of 96 samples. The VIAFLO 96 has been designed to be used just like a standard handheld pipette. Therefore, no special skills or training are required to operate it. The VIAFLO 96 features the company’s popular Touch Wheel™ pipette user interface enabling simple and fast programming of a wide range of pipetting modes including repeat dispense, serial dilute, and sample dilute.

The VIAFILL takes the standard bulk reagent dispenser and turns it into a multipurpose liquid-handling instrument. In addition to the traditional dispense cassettes, you can use disposable pipette tips to precisely aspirate and dispense reagents. In addition, extra modules allow dispensing of cells, plate washing, serial dilutions, and the stacking of up to 50 plates.

The new VACUSIP is an out-of-box vacuum aspiration solution for the wide array of liquid waste disposal tasks carried out at the laboratory bench. Occupying a small benchtop footprint, the VACUSIP provides an optimized solution for applications including the aspiration of small volumes of liquid, such as supernatants after centrifugation steps, removal of washing solutions and multichannel removal of sample from multiwell microplates.

To learn more about Integra’s exciting range of innovative products and to find your local specialist supplier please visit www.integra-biosciences.com.

INTEGRA Biosciences

Hudson, NH, USA/ Zizers, Switzerland

Phone: 603.578.5800

Website: www.integra-biosciences.com

Date Founded: 1965

Number of Employees: 100

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