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Your Premier Liquid-Handling and Automated Solutions Provider

Hamilton Company is a global manufacturer and supplier of world-class analytical laboratory products, medical instrumentation, temperature control systems, laboratory robotics, and automated liquid-handling equipment. Since company founder Clark Hamilton’s development of the Microliter® Syringe in 1947, Hamilton has been proudly serving life science research, human identification, and medical and clinical diagnostic customers with innovative laboratory solutions.

There are four business units operating under the Hamilton Company portfolio.

Hamilton Robotics designs and manufactures robotic liquid-handling workstations, featuring the flagship product MICROLAB® STAR platform (to the right) as well as the MICROLAB® NIMBUS (below), first in a new class of compact, high-speed personalized pipetting workstations. This business unit is also responsible for the development of robotic peripheral devices such as the Hamilton Heater Shaker, proprietary CO-RE® brand disposable pipette tips, and plastics labware utilized in automated workflows.

Hamilton Robotics is a global enterprise with state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities in Reno, Nevada, and Bonaduz, Switzerland. By having sister production, sales, and support facilities located in both the United States and Europe, Hamilton Robotics can maintain a robust, continuous product supply chain as well as remain close to local markets and responsive to territory-specific needs and nuances. Hamilton Robotics is also a trusted OEM supplier for many leading IVD instrument manufacturers.

Hamilton Storage Technologies (HST), located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, is a leading worldwide supplier of automated sample storage systems, serving customers in academic and private research laboratories, pharmaceutical and clinical diagnostic companies, and government institutions. The company develops modular, scalable systems that automate sample storage, management, and processing.

Products include SAM for -80°C biobanking and ASM for -20°C high-throughput tube and plate management, both which integrate to the MICROLAB STAR. HST systems are utilized for biobanking, forensics, compound management, and drug discovery applications.

Hamilton Laboratory Products based out of Reno designs and manufactures an extensive range of preparative and analytical products including HPLC and GC columns, syringes and syringe pumps, valves, and laboratory process sensors.

IVD and other third-party instrument manufacturers often choose Hamilton as a source for high-quality fluid subsystems and components. This unit also offers the Hamilton SoftGrip™, SoftTouch™, and SoftAide™ brands of manual hand-held pipettors, as well as the newly designed ML600 series of semi-automated diluters and dispensers.

Also doing business out of Reno, the Hamilton Medical business unit develops and produces a commercial line of advanced ventilation devices and monitoring technology utilized in healthcare and clinical environments.

The strategy of the Hamilton Robotics business unit has been to grow through innovations based on its core competence in liquid handling and robotics, favoring high-quality products and superior support over short-term profits.

The advent of automation in the laboratory was anticipated early. In 1970, Hamilton introduced the industry’s first semi-automated diluter, followed by the first fully automated pipetting system for sample preparation in 1980. Today’s MICROLAB STAR line represents the very latest in a series of innovative automated liquid-handling platforms, incorporating advanced technology and superior quality components for an unprecedented level of performance and reliability.

The top selling robotic pipetting platform for six years running, more than 5,000 STAR systems are currently serving customers in laboratories across the globe. As a testament to Hamilton’s ongoing commitment to quality products and superior support, many instruments harbor a track record with over 15 years of successful service.

Markets Served

Since its inception, the Hamilton Company has successfully served the life science, clinical diagnostics, and medical communities with superior quality products and services, providing new solutions for applications within pharmaceutical drug discovery and development, academic, government and private research, biotechnology, environmental testing, and human identification.

Hamilton Company

Address: 4970 Energy Way, Reno, NV 89502

Phone: 800.648.5950


Date Founded: 1947

Number of Employees: >1,500

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