October 1, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 17)

Porvair Sciences

The JG Finneran 50-position stackable rack is designed to hold 12mm vials and tubes in the optimum orientation for pipetting tasks. Available in blue, black, and white as standard, the 50-position rack is securely stackable saving valuable bench space. Constructed from durable chemically resistant polypropylene, the 50-position rack is easy to clean and can be repeatably autoclaved. To maintain sample integrity, a clear lid that still allows stacking is available for the 50-position rack. Each 50-position rack is imprinted with alphanumeric indexing to assist with sample traceability. Sold in handy packs of 5 and a choice of colors, the 50-position stackable rack is a valuable piece of labware for scientists tasked with pipetting from 12mm vials and tubes.

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