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Next-Generation Sample Preparation for Next-Generation Applications“Next-generation Sample Preparation for Next-generation Applications” explores the novel and automated Laminar Wash™ system, the only suspension-cell sample preparation workstation designed to eliminate the upstream in-process variabilities caused by the traditional sample preparation method, including labor intensive and hands-on workflows, inconsistencies across users and locations, difficult and time-consuming technology operations, and centrifuge-based mechanical stress on the samples.

Readers will discover the benefits of the Laminar Wash™ system, including increased efficiency, reproducibility, and workflow optimization. The eBook explores the gentle Laminar Wash™ technology and the advanced user-friendly software of the system that automate tedious and error-prone manual sample preparation steps. In addition, the eBook discusses the broader implications of this technology for scientific research and analysis in a variety of fields (cell and gene therapy, single-cell multiomics, biomarker discovery, and tumor microenvironment, to name a few). It showcases real-world case studies and success stories, highlighting how automating sample preparation workflows with the Laminar Wash™ system revolutionizes data quality, throughput, and experimental precision.

Overall, this eBook aims to empower scientists and researchers with a comprehensive understanding of the Laminar Wash™ system and its potential impact on their scientific endeavors. By embracing this innovative method, researchers can enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of their sample processing, leading to accelerated discoveries, improved analytical capabilities, and advancements in various fields of science.


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