January 15, 2018 (Vol. 38, No. 2)

Desktop Genetics

These six new CRISPR library products can be tailored to an investigator’s list of genomic targets using any delivery method. Each product addresses a particular experimental application of the genome-editing technology:

• Disrupt Libraries can be used to functionally knock out genes to reveal novel druggable targets and essential pathways

• Tile Libraries saturate coding and non-coding regions to reveal genotype-phenotype relationships

• SNP-In Libraries allow high-throughput insertion and deletion knockins across the genome

• Interfere Libraries silence target gene expression with CRISPRi

• Activate Libraries allow over-expression of target genes with CRISPRa

• Predict Libraries provide a unique scoring algorithm optimized for teams working on specific model cell lines or organisms, enabling other libraries to be designed more effectively

Once the company receives a customer’s list of targets along with their experimental intent, they design the library using its proprietary AI and suite of bioinformatics pipelines. Once the designs are complete, the company manufactures the library in a variety of ready-to-use formats including plasmids, RNA, ribonucleoproteins, or as lentivirus—in either pooled or arrayed format.

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