TrakCel, which develops software for cell and gene therapy supply chain tracking systems, and Ori Biotech inked a non-exclusive strategic partnership to achieve supply chain coordination within closed system manufacturing for the cell and gene therapy (CGT) sector. The Ori platform enables therapy developers and contract manufacturers to achieve automated CGT manufacturing in a closed platform, according to Farlan Veraitch, co-founder and CSO, Ori Biotech. The collaboration will enable users of the Ori Biotech manufacturing platform to benefit from live supply chain visibility through TrakCel software, and TrakCel customers to have greater visibility into the manufacturing process via data services within the Ori platform, adds Fiona Withey, co-founder and CEO, TrakCel. Ori and TrakCel will develop points of integration in order for a shared data platform to be available to partners, notes Veraitch.

“TrakCel has developed an extensive partnership network with contract manufacturers and companies across the cell and gene therapy sector. This enables therapeutic developers to be supported by more standardized and integrated solutions,” points out Withey. “Closed system manufacturing is becoming progressively more important for the ongoing future of the cell and gene therapy sector, and we look forward to working with Ori to offer more integrated solutions to the wider industry.”

“Ori Biotech is continuing to build a network of best-in-class partners across the cell and gene therapy ecosystem to help enable our provision of integrated, closed system manufacturing to the cell and gene therapy industry,” says Veraitch. “The integration of TrakCel’s advanced therapy supply chain tracking software with the Ori full-stack platform is another step forward enabling our customers to have full visibility throughout the supply chain.”

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