JChem and Pipeline Pilot plug-ins available free online.
ChemAxon integrated its JChem functionalities within SciTegic’s Pipeline Pilot product. These plug-ins will be made available for free to life sciences researchers. Joint SciTegic and ChemAxon customers may now choose to access ChemAxon’s discovery cheminformatics technologies from within SciTegic’s Pipeline Pilot framework, leading to more efficient and repeatable discovery processes.

“By coupling our technologies within a pipelining environment users can get the best of both worlds: the flexibility and enterprise performance from our toolkits and ease of experimental set-up, use, and re-use that Pipeline Pilot offers,” says Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO of ChemAxon.

The plugins allow Pipeline Pilot users to incorporate ChemAxon functionality in their workflows. ChemAxon toolkit plugins currently include MarvinSketch and MarvinView for editing and viewing chemical structures, JChem Base for database management and search, JChem Cartridge for accessing JChem directly from Oracle SQL, Standardizer that applies business rules for structure canonicalization, and Calculator Plugins for structure-based prediction.

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