In return company will gain rights to tools developed under this program.

Sanofi-aventis and Scripps Genomic Medicine are working together to advance R&D initiatives in personalized medicine. Sanofi-aventis Recherche & Developpement will fund up to three discovery innovation grants per year for Scripps investigators. In return it will be granted nonexclusive rights to any research tools developed through these grants.

It will also have preferred access to Scripps laboratory facilities for work conducted in support of sponsored research agreements and technologies or discoveries in the field of personalized medicine. Additionally, through ongoing scientific exchange and collaboration including an Annual Research Symposium jointly organized by sanofi-aventis and Scripps, the firm will have access to Scripps research programs that can contribute to its priority areas.

“Our alliance with sanofi-aventis exemplifies the ideal collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and nonprofit research community,” says Eric Topol, M.D., chief academic officer of Scripps Health. “The partnership aims to foster an environment of open scientific exchange in genomic medicine that we hope will translate to new discoveries to benefit patients while establishing a collaborative approach to drug development.”

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