SAFC Commercial, Sigma-Aldrich’s custom manufacturing services business unit, is now in a services agreement with U.K.-based catalysis company CatScI. SAFC says that their customers will now have access to new reactions, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, biocatalysts, solvent selection and process development, in addition to metal removal, recovery and recycling services as a result of the new agreement.

“As a combined offering, we are able to provide customers a single source for high-quality, high-value fundamental research, development, scale-up and manufacture, with additional process development resources for customers to screen projects more quickly, and efficiently maximize catalyst reactions using the appropriate ligands, solvents, and science,” said Andreas Weiler, head of Global Strategic Marketing for Contract Manufacturing Services & Solutions at SAFC, in a statement.

Formed in late 2010, CatScI’s facility in Cardiff was set up in 2011 after the company purchased 16 tons of scientific equipment following the reorganization of R&D within AstraZeneca and the closing of the research laboratories at Avlon. Back in April, they entered into a partnership agreement with SiliCycle to support the Canadian firm’s development of supported catalysts and scavengers and to act as an agent for the company. SiliCycle develops, manufactures, and commercializes silica-based and specialty products for chromatography, analytical and organic chemistry.

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