Saliva-based diagnostic detects genes related to the disease and calculates risk.

Prometheus has selected DNA Genotek’s Oragene®•DNA product as the sample-collection kit for MyCeliacID™, a saliva-based genetic test. It reportedly detects genes specific to celiac disease (DQ2/DQ8) and provides an estimate of an individual’s risk of developing the disease.

MyCeliacID is available in most parts of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. In order to complete the test, a MyCeliacID kit, which includes the Oragene•DNA sample-collection device, is sent to an individual’s home where they provide a small saliva sample and return the sample via mail to Prometheus’ CLIA-certified lab for analysis.

“One of the challenges for us was how to make a test that is easily accessible to individuals who are searching for information about their condition,” notes Tim Schofield, product manager, diagnostic marketing at Prometheus. “Blood was not a viable direct-to-consumer option, and we couldn’t achieve the quality and reliability necessary to meet our stringent requirements with buccal swabs. We believe the ease-of-use and high-yield results of Oragene•DNA made it the natural choice for our MyCeliacID genetic test.”

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