Combination of technologies are aimed at enriching low-abundance proteins and subcellular complexes.

Pressure BioSciences and Alfa Wassermann Proteomic Technologies will codevelop sample preparation methods to enrich for low-abundance proteins and subcellular complexes from cells and tissues utilizing Pressure BioSciences’ Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT) and Alfa Wassermann’s AW Promatix™ 1000.

“Having ready access to the Alfa Wasserman technology will be beneficial to our scientists as they continue the development of front-end, proteomic extraction methods for state-of-the-art, downstream instrumentation, such as the AW Promatix 1000,” comments Richard T. Schumacher, founder, president, and CEO of Pressure BioSciences.

The collaboration is intended to last for three months and can be extended by mutual consent. Intellectual property developed will be co-owned, and there is an agreement to cross-license new IP to allow each company to have a worldwide, exclusive, royalty-free license in their area of focus. For Pressure BioSciences, this means PCT sample preparation and for Alfa Wassermann, post-extraction protein processing. Each company will pay the majority of costs incurred by its internal research efforts.

“We hope that the combination of the PCT Sample Preparation System (PCT SPS) with the AW Promatix 1000 will result in an elegant and compelling platform for the enrichment of low-abundance proteins and subcellular complexes, bio-molecules that many believe are essential to the development of a better understanding of human disease,” adds Schumacher.

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