EpiTag will also allow development of multiplex immunoassays for cell signaling.

Millipore purchased the assets associated with Epitome Biosystems’ EpiTag™ technology. The transaction will enable Millipore’s bioscience division to expand its presence in the multiplex immunoassay market.

The firm will now be able to offer a broader portfolio of cell-signaling assays that can be used with the Luminex xMAP® platform. The acquisition will also allow for the development of other profiling technologies.

The ability of scientists to leverage multiplex cell signaling assays as a research tool has historically been limited due to the lack of highly specific antibodies for intracellular targets, Millipore explains. The EpiTag technology uses a bioinformatics-driven approach to develop antibodies that are more specific and selective than other reagents on the market today, the company adds.

Using the EpiTag technology, Millipore expects to develop a new range of multiplex immunoassay kits that will enable researchers to more efficiently measure, detect, and analyze proteins and cell signaling pathways.

“Our multiplex offering is one of our fastest growing product lines, and the acquisition of the EpiTag technology will help us to accelerate our product development and expand our growth prospects in this dynamic market,” comments Rick Ryan, vp of Millipore’s drug discovery business unit. “We will enable customers to leverage the power of the Luminex xMAP platform for cell signaling by providing antibodies and kits that are specific to the highest areas of interest for researchers.”

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