Male Contraceptives

In our February 1 Point of View article, David Sokal, M.D., says that some innovative nonhormonal approaches that would be highly effective with minimal side effects and, ideally, a more rapid onset of action than hormonal methods may be on the way. S. Kean recently reported in Science on researchers working to halt sperm production; M. O’Rand et al., are working to immobilize sperm; Amobi N et al., are modifying muscle contractility of the vas to prevent passage of sperm; and an Indonesian team may have found a naturally occurring compound that prevents a man’s sperm from penetrating the woman’s egg. Would you or your partner take any of these drugs?

Poll Question:
How comfortable are you with the idea of taking a male contraceptive drug that directly affects sperm functionality?

Very comfortable

Somewhat comfortable

Not comfortable; I’ll stick with condoms, thanks

Birth control is for women!