Open Monoclonal Technology (OMT) will use its OmniRat™ human monoclonal antibody platform based on transgenic rats to generate human antibodies against a therapeutic target to be identified by Single Cell Technology (SCT).

Under the companies’ human antibody discovery and development collaboration, SCT will use its own platform, designed to analyze antibodies and mRNA from individual antibody-secreting cells. Working with OMT, SCT will screen large numbers of plasma cells, measure the kinetics of secreted antibodies, and sequence the cognate light- and heavy-chain mRNA powered by next-generation sequencing (NGS). In addition to human and mouse cells, SCT’s technology can be applied to any host that concentrates plasma cells in lymphoid tissues.

SCT says it will “share the economics with OMT” depending on the stage of development, while also having an option to develop and commercialize selected undisclosed products resulting from the research.

“This partnership with OMT will demonstrate the value of delineating the antibody repertoire of the humoral response by NGS early during antibody discovery. The human immune gene sequences engineered into OmniRat by OMT will work perfectly with SCT’s massive screening and sequencing platform,” comments Chun-Nan Chen, M.D., SCT’s founder and CEO.

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