Research license to be granted to Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center for adenovector production technologies.
GenVec could receive up to $52 million under a new five-year contract with the exercise of annual renewal options with the NIAID. The agreement will support the transfer of its manufacturing and purification processes to the Dale and Betty Bumpers Vaccine Research Center’s (VRC) Vaccine Pilot Plant in Frederick, MD, to further clinical development of an HIV vaccine. This also includes development of a larger-scale manufacturing and product-release process necessary for further HIV vaccine production.

The Vaccine Pilot Plant—a part of the NIAID—produces materials for clinical research. As a part of this new contract, the VRC has agreed to take a nonexclusive research license to GenVec’s adenovector production cell line, manufacturing process, and formulation technologies for HIV vaccines allowing for the production of next-generation HIV vaccines.

GenVec has collaborated on HIV vaccine development with the VRC for several years under a collaborative research and development agreement utilizing GenVec’s adenovector technologies.

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