Genomic Health will exclusively license Almac Group’s technology and intellectual property to further develop and commercialize a multi-gene test to predict benefit from DNA damage-based chemotherapy drugs, such as the commonly used anthracycline-based regimens, in breast cancer.

Genomic Health made an up-front payment of $9 million and will pay additional milestones as certain clinical and commercial endpoints are achieved in the future. Upon successful commercialization of the test, Genomic Health will pay additional royalties to Almac.

Genomic Health will identify a study cohort for the validation of Almac’s previously identified and published genes. According to the company, the test would be useful for high-risk breast cancer patients who are eligible for chemotherapy based on their Oncotype DX® score.

“Working with Almac, we have the opportunity to gain further insight on the role of DNA repair in drug efficacy, which may provide clinical utility to help select which breast cancer patients benefit from specific chemotherapy drugs and regimens,” said Steven Shak, M.D., executive vice president of R&D of Genomic Health.

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