Officials at Evosep say the company is establishing Evosep Biolabs to focus on high throughput proteomics, automated sample preparation, and standardized separation methods.

Evosep Biolabs expects to partner with key players in the proteomics area, execute end-to-end workflows on customer projects, remove barriers to entry by acting as an external, expert lab partner, and provide extra, ad-hoc capacity to established organizations, according to a company spokesperson.

Initially based in Odense, Denmark, Evosep Biolabs is planning to open an additional combined office and lab facility in Boston.

Scaling up experiments

Proteomics is going through a significant paradigm shift and is rapidly evolving towards higher throughput and robust easier-to-use technologies, explained Ole Vorm, founder and chairman of Evosep, adding that this has shifted the bottleneck for realizing high-throughput proteomics towards sample preparation, creating a need for rapid, robust, and reproducible end-to-end automated workflows.

The Evosep One integrates with liquid handlers and all the relevant mass spectrometers necessary for proteomics analysis, and Evosep Biolabs can demonstrate this on small sample sets and large cohorts alike, noted Vorm.

Analyzing large-scale proteomics samples can provide valuable insights into biological systems, disease biomarkers, post-translational modifications, as well as open up for integration with other omics data for developing new drugs and therapies, he continued.

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